Movie Theatre Simulation using FLEXSIM

GitHub Repository Link and PDF Report

Our project is a model of the AMC Roosevelt Field 8 cinema using FLEXSIM. All the values calculated and utilized in this model are accurately approximated to mimic the real-life scenario.

PDF report contains project details. The following is the content of the report:

  1. Model Assumptions
  2. Model Settings
  3. Flow of the Model
  4. Breakdown of Arrivals, Buying/Scanning Tickets, Concessions, Movie Theatres - This includes the group splits, arrival times, group flow, and mathematical distributions
  5. Statistics - This includes expected waiting time in queue, expected number of groups in queue, expected number of groups in system, and expected waiting time in system
  6. Analysis of Current System and Recommendation of Improvements

The Github repository contains a working 3D Simulation FLEXSIM file of the model as well as a report of system statistics gathered for the model.

Flow Chart of Simulation Model

Simulation Model Snapshot