Dungeon Crawler

A 3rd person, single player dungeon crawler game

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Crawl through a dynamic dungeon!

As you progress through the dungeon, encounter random monsters and chests to advance towards the Final Boss room to escape the dungeon. You may find potions and weapons during the journey, they will always help you! If you reach the final room, battle the Minotaur to escape the dungeon alive! Otherwise, you'll be stuck in the dungeon forever.

Real Game Screen Snapshot.

Game Items

In-game Accuracy, Attack, and Health Potions.
In-game Sword, Axe, and Bow Weapons.

Game Players and Monsters

Player icon, and Skeleton, Spider, and Minotaur Monsters.

Game Controls

In-game Attack Monster, Add to Inventory, and Equip control buttons.
In-game Discard, Begin Challenge, and Health HP control buttons.