B.S in Computer Science, Concentration in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Modeling

Georgia Institute of Technology, GA, USA

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The Georgia Institute of Technology, commonly referred to as Georgia Tech, is a public research university and institute of technology in Atlanta, Georgia.

I am studying Computer Science in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech, with a concentration in artificial intelligence and computer modeling.

Graduation: Fall 2021


  • Dean's List for Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Fall 2021
  • IEEE-HKN Honor Society Student Member

Research done at Georgia Tech

I was a research assistant with the Automated Algorithm Design Team.

Automated Algorithm Design (AAD) is a project dedicated to developing a framework that fundamentally alters the development of algorithms. We desire to create an automated method that starts with the best human algorithms and then dispassionately develops hybrid algorithms that outperform existing methods. Next, we prove that these algorithms can also be studied by humans for inspiration in development of new algorithm and optimization methods.

I was working within the Stocks subteam of AAD. My work was to program stock trading related primitives, objective/reward functions, and genetic programming frameworks to alter the use of machine learning techniques in developing hybrid algorithms for stock price prediction. We are building on top of EMADE (Evolutionary Multi-objective Algorithm Design Engine) built by the AAD team.

Working under the guidance of Dr. Greg Rohling and Dr. Jason Zutty. Partners and Sponsors: Google, L3Harris Technologies, GTRI.

Courses TA'd

I was a College of Computing TA for the class CS 3630 - Introduction to Perception and Robotics during Fall 2021 and Spring 2022. I led weekly office hour meetings (4 hours/week).

In this role, I led weekly office hour sessions where we discuss robotics planning, control and localization. I as well managed the grading of assignments and labs for the class (~150 students).

Organization Memberships

  • IEEE-HKN Honor Society
  • GT Engineers Without Borders

Classes Taken

  • CS 1100 - Freshman Leap Seminar
  • CS 2200 - Systems and Networks
  • CS 2340 - Objects and Design
  • CS 3510 - Design & Analysis: Algorithms
  • CS 3600 - Intro Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 3630 - Intro Perception & Robotics
  • CS 4510 - Automata and Complexity
  • CS 4641 - Machine Learning
  • CS 4873 - Computing, Society, & Professionalism
  • CS 6454 - Qualitative Methods HCI
  • CS 7637 - Knowledge-Based AI
  • CS 7643 - Deep Learning
  • VIP 2600/4601/4602 - VIP AAD Research
  • CX 4230 - Computer Simulation
  • MATH 1554 - Linear Algebra
  • MATH 3012 - Applied Combinatorics
  • APPH 1040 - Science Foundation of Health
  • ARBC 1501 - Understanding Arab Culture
  • HTS 2041 - History Modern Middle East
  • INTA 1200 - American Government
  • EAS 2600 - Earth Processes
  • LMC 3403 - Tech Communication