Research Assistant

Hofstra University, NY, USA

I was an ASPiRe Computer Science Research Assistant at Hofstra University working on a systems and cloud infrastructure research project under the mentorship of Dr. Jianchen Shan.

The Advanced Summer Program in Research (ASPiRe) program is a ten-week, intensive program for students interested in pursuing a research project related to their major. ASPiRe students work full-time in DeMatteis laboratories under the guidance of faculty peer mentors.

My research project is on diagnosing and optimizing the performance interference caused by CPU sharing in multi-tenant GPU clouds. At the completion of the ASPiRe program, I presented my summer research work at the 2019 ASPiRe Symposium. The abstract can be found here on page 11 under the project name "Improving Quality of Service (QoS) of Multi-Tenant GPU Clouds Enabled by Passthrough".

Research Presentation: here

Research Poster: here

Following the ASPiRe program, I continued as a research assistant under the mentorship of Dr. Jianchen Shan with the goal of publishing our systems and cloud infrastructure research. The publication can be retrieved from the publications page.